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Sample Screenshots of

Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Main Donarius Window
  The main Donarius window.  
Organization/Church Info Window
  This is where you enter information about your church or organization. All donations you receive will apply to a given donation category. The list at the top right of the window, has all the donation categories. You can add or edit them to suit your needs. Each donor is assigned a donor type and any combination of donor characteristics. These can be customized on the bottom right of the window.  
Donor Info Window
  The window where you add or edit information about each donor. Each donor has a donor type and any combination of donor characteristics. They also have a preferred method of contact:
mail, email or FAX. When you are doing a mailing, this determines whether they will get labels and/or letters or be sent an email.
  Donation Entry/Edit Window
  This is the window where you enter or edit the donations each donor made. To find a donor, you type the first three letters of the person's last name or their envelope number. If there are several people with a similar last name, you will choose the right person from a list. Then you enter the donation in the appropriate category. You may also record how each donation was made:
by giving a check # or choosing cash, credit card, etc.
  Pledge Entry Window
  Here is where you enter or edit the pledges each donor made. For each pledge you indicate how often a donation will be made and how long your campaign lasts. The donor shown here has pledged to give $300.00 every six months to the building fund for a period of three years.  
Donor Directory Setup
  The window where you setup your church directory. You indicate information for each section in the directory, such as which donors to include, how to number the pages and what headings you want.  
Donations by Date Window
  There are various reports in Donarius. This is where you do a report of the total donations, grouped in various ways. You also have the option of doing a report for one donor or all donors with one donor per page.  
Donations by Donor Window
  This is where you do a report that lists each donor and how much they gave. The donors can be sorted by donor #, envelope #, the order in which you entered the donations, the donation amount or donor type.  
Setting up Tax Receipts
  Receipts to be given for income tax purposes have a variety of formats. You have a choice of several built-in receipt styles with several options. For example, you may wish the receipt to have a logo, a scanned signature, a section for the donor's records, showing a year-to-date summary of donations or a list of the donations they made. An optional message can also appear on the receipts. If these options are not enough, you can have a customized tax receipt. (Canadian users must show a receipt number, which will automatically be numbered.)  
  View Emails Window
  Donarius sends out personalized letters, emails and text messages. Here is where you select who is going to get an email. This shows how to send an email with a PDF attachment of each person's 2012 tax receipt. (The window for letters and text messages is similar.)  
Reassigning Envelope #'s
  At the end of the year it is easy to give each donor a new envelope number. Then you also can print labels to put onto each envelope box.  
Importing Data
  To transfer data from your previous software to Donarius, export it to a text file then import it into Donarius. Here is how you would import the donor names and addresses. You choose what each column in the text file represents and what to do with the data.  
Exporting Data
  To transfer data from Donarius to other software you export it to a text file. You have a choice of exporting all donors, all donations, only the donors shown in a report or only the donations shown in a report. Here, the names and addresses of donors that were being viewed in a report, are being exported.  

Importing online contributions
  If you use a company (e.g. Vanco) to process your pre-authorized deposits (A.C.H.) you can add link near the bottom left of the main window. Click it to select the contribution file, then you will see a window similar to what is below.  
Import Vanco File
  When importing a contribution file, you will see the first few lines of data similar to what is above. You check that the data seems right then click the Import button.  

Download a Free Demo of Donarius >>>

Note: A demo version has these limitations:
        - prints only sample tax receipts
        - exports only 10 donors or donations at a time
        - sends only 1 email at a time.
        - you have 30 days to enter new donors or new donations

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