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Shluchim Synagogue/Chabad House Management Software
What Shluchim will do for your synagogue/chabad house:

The synagogue version of Donarius® is called Shluchim Synagogue Management Software. It makes it easy to keep track of your members, their offerings and their pledges. (This is also called Synagogue Database Software.)

If you are a synagogue envelope secretary, administrator or treasurer, here is how Shluchim will help you:
  • enter all the offerings for a Sabbath by name or envelope number including loose offerings
  • MICRSafe Check/Card Reader speed up the data entry using a check reader.
    You read the check, the donor is
    found and you just enter the amount.
    We recommend this reader, which plugs into your USB port.

    Order the reader/scanner from one of these suppliers.
  • keep track of individual and family membership dues
  • Dates entered or on reports can be in Gregorian or Hebrew
    format. The Hebrew format can be in English transliterated     <= NEW
    or with Hebrew characters.
  • print Yahrtzeit letters using the Hebrew day/month for the
    anniversary.   e.g. if someone passed away on 17 Tishrei, the     <= NEW
    anniversary will be on 17 Tishrei each year regardless of what
    the Gregorian date is.
  • Keep track of seating in the synagogue
  • keep track of pledges
  • send quarterly statements to your members by mail or email them as PDF files.   (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • print a variety of reports
  • store individual and family pictures
  • print a color photo directory
    (You need the Photo Directory module.)
  • keep track of group membership
  • keep your members informed by sending personalized letters, emails and text messages. This is especially important for newcomers, to help them feel connected.
  • print tax receipts on standard 8" x 11" paper
  • save paper, envelopes and ink/toner by emailing tax receipts
    (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • re-assign synagogue envelope numbers at year-end if needed and print labels for synagogue envelope boxes
  • keep track of group membership
  • import data so you don't have to re-type the information
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