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"We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON
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Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Donarius® Videos
Overview of Donarius An overview of what Donarius® Church Management Software can do for a church. Shows how to setup the church info, each member and enter their contributions. Shows a report of their donations, year-end tax receipts and letters.  
How to Install Donarius How to download, install and setup the Donarius® demo/trial version for a church. It also explains how to enter some donors and donations.  
Importing Donors & Donations The data in your previous software can be imported into Donarius® so you don't have to re-type it.  
Entering, editing and deleting donations Shows how to enter, edit and delete donations in Donarius. Donations are entered with check numbers or the number of bills for cash. A report is displayed of what was entered. Then any mistakes are corrected by deleting a donation, entering it for the correct person and editing a wrong amount.  
Entering pledges Shows how to enter pledges in Donarius. They can be entered as an amount per week, month or year. Shows a report of the pledges entered and another comparing what they've given to what they pledged. Each person who is behind in their pledges is sent a letter to remind them to fulfill their pledge.  
Emailing Tax Receipts How to create a PDF of each donor's tax receipt, then email them to each donor.  
Setting up donation categories How to customize the donation categories in Donarius®. Shows how to add categories and rearrange the order on reports and when entering donations. You will also find out how to setup sub-categories and non-receiptable categories.  
Setting up donor types and characteristics How to customize the donor types and characteristics in Donarius®. Shows how to rename, add and delete them so you have the software setup in the way that's best for you.  
Moving donations from one
date to another
Sometimes you might enter a group of donations on a date then realize they should go to a different date. You can move them without re-entering them.  
How to link husband & wife Each person in a family is entered separately. Then they are linked together indicating the relationship between them. For example, husband and wife or parents and children.  
Backup and restore of data Shows how to do a backup of your Donarius® data then restore on another computer. Backups protect your data in case you have a problem with your computer. They are also a way to share data with someone else.  
How to Install Donarius
on a Mac using Crossover
How to download, install and setup Donarius® on a Mac (OS X). Even though Donarius® is a Windows program it will still run under OS X by using Crossover.  
How to Install Donarius
on a Mac using PlayOnMac
How to download, install and setup Donarius® on a Mac (OS X). Even though Donarius® is a Windows program it will still run under OS X by using PlayOnMac.  
Overview of Donarius for Business An overview of what Donarius® Customer/Sales Management Software can do for a business. Shows how to setup the company info, products/services you sell, customers and enter their sales. Shows a how to print a sales receipt and how to send follow-up emails to leads.  
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The multifaceted uses of Donarius®:
Church Management Software
Customer/Sales Management Software (CRM)
Donor Management Software
Donation Tracking Software
Pledge Tracking Software
Photo Directory Software
Synagogue Management Software