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List of Major Improvements to
Donarius Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Version #
Apr 17/2024
Donarius can export a bank deposit which can then be imported into Quickbooks Online.
Feb 22/2024
When importing eTransfers into Donarius, the donor's name is usually the person's legal name which may not match their name in Donarius. This can cause duplicate donors. Now, you'll be able to enter an alternative spelling of each donor's name to fix this.
Sept 14/2023
Donarius imports online donations received though DonorBox.
July 11/2023
Some churches record only a donor's Social Security Number, not their name. Donarius now fulfills their need.
Nov 23/2022
Donarius imports online donations received though Clover.
Aug 18/2022
Donarius keeps track of 'soft credits' which is when someone encourages or advises a donor to donate. In such a case you may want to thank both the person who advised and the person who donated because someone encouraged them. The person who advised is entered together with the donation. Then you can send them both an email or a letter.
June 13/2022
Donarius now tracks your volunteers:
  • Keeps track of the area where the volunteer wants to serve. e.g. Sunday school, ushering, choir
  • Records the date range when a volunteer is available to help.
  • Will search who is available for a given period.
In each donor's record keeps track of date/time when someone called or was called, with notes. A secretary can take phone calls, recording any requests. Another person, responsible for callbacks, can search who called, read the notes and call them back.
May 20/2022
Added another option for a church directory. Each family is shown in 3 columns:
  • 1st: all phone #'s with the first name of each family member
  • 2nd: the name and address
  • 3rd: all email addresses with the first name for each family member
Apr 29/2022
Some donors want a receipt right after donating. Print and Email buttons have been added to the 'donation entry' window to do so without exiting the window. The receipt can be with or without a receipt#.
Mar 3/2022
When you are editing a customized tax receipt, letter or email you'll be able to see in the main window what it would look like. So when you change it, you can immediately see the result.
May 1/2021
Donarius now will generate transaction files to be uploaded to EFT Canada.
Mar 25/2021
Donarius has been integrated with EFT Canada and Elavon.
Jan 17/2021
eTransfers can now be imported into Donarius. Just save each eTransfer email your bank sends you to a folder, then select that folder in Donarius.
Oct 26/2020
Donarius for businesses now does inventory control.
Sept 19/2020
Donarius for businesses lets you:
  • pick which account to use for state or provincial taxes and give the rate
  • which account to use for GST/HST (in Canada)
Sept 9/2020
Text messages can be up to 1600 characters long.
Donarius is integrated with SubSplash.
Donarius for businesses now prints sales receipts on a receipt printer, so it can be used like a cash register.
(Note: requires the purchase of the Custom Invoices module.)
Aug 18/2020
Donarius for businesses updated:
  • will work with a barcode scanner
  • scan item several times to increase the quantity
  • for products your company makes, can set inventory to Unlimited
  • prints a receivables ledger
July 29/2020
Donarius for businesses has products with:
  • a product # (max 20 character length)
  • UPC code
  • product name + longer description
  • single price for each item
  • choice of which income account sales go into
  • sales go into one account, or a different account depending on the country of the customer
July 12/2020
The names Donarius uses for people and money items can be customized.
e.g. the people can be called donors, members, parishioners, etc
      money received can be called donations, contributions, givings, etc.
      the alpha-numeric id for each person can be a donor#, member#, etc.
      the numeric id for each person can be an env#, offering#, etc.
      the purpose of money received can be called a category, fund, account, etc.

Donarius works for businesses to keep track of your customers, sales and accounts receivable. Prints or emails invoices. Sends emails/letters to follow-up on leads. (Just indicate you are a business in the setup wizard.)
Apr 29/2020
Donarius has been integrated with ShareFaith and eGiving.
Apr 26/2020
Donarius has been integrated with EasyTithe and Planning Center.
Mar 28/2020
Donarius has been integrated with Stripe and Parish Giving.
In case you use several different online giving providers, you can integrate with them all.
e.g. you use both PayPal and
Mar 5/2020
FortisPay now has the option to select a designation or category for your donation. So when you import the donations, the category will also be imported.
Feb 11/2020
When sending emails, you have the option to send a test email
to yourself to check it.
Dec 15/2019
'Gifts in Kind' and 'Gifts with Advantage' receipts are usually printed with one gift per page. Now you can do a yearly receipt that lists all the 'Gifts in Kind' on one page and the 'Gifts with Advantage' on a second page.
(Note: this requires the purchase of the Custom Tax Receipts module.)
July 23/2019
Online donations received through FortisPay can be easily imported into Donarius.
July 6/2019
Donarius can export a bank deposit to then be imported into Manager accounting software.
Apr 8/2019
You now have two formats for a photo directory:
  • Print in landscape mode on both sides of the pages, then fold the pages in half to make a booklet that is 5.5" x 8.5". The photo is beside each family.
  • Print full pages (in portrait mode). First there is a section with the names/addresses in 2 or 3 columns. Then there is a section with each photo.
Nov 30/2018
Online donations received through PayPal can be easily imported into Donarius.
Oct 19/2018
Online donations received through Stewardship Technology can be easily imported into Donarius.
Oct 15/2018
Keeps track of all types of contact with your donors including by phone. Normally it would only keep track of letters/emails sent by Donarius. Now you can add any email/letter either received from donor or sent to them. You can also include a short description.
Aug 2/2018
Keeps track of when a donor was contacted and how.
It records the following types of contact:
  • donor was sent a letter
  • donor was sent an email
  • donor was sent a text message
  • a label was printed for a mailing
  • an envelope was printed for a mailing
  • donor was sent a quarterly statement
  • donor was sent any other kind of statement
  • donor was called by phone
  • a phone call was received from the donor
When sending emails/letters, can indicate whether to omit people who have already received the same email/letter within a certain number of days ago.
July 25/2018
PDFs can be created using the Bullzip PDF Printer. Bullzip has a free version and three paid versions. All versions encrypt the PDFs and lock them so they cannot be changed. The paid versions have more bits for the encryption.
July 21/2018
Online donations received through Txt2Give can be easily imported into Donarius.
July 16/2018
Online donations received through Bambora and can be easily imported into Donarius.
June 9/2018
Finding donors is much easier. You can search for anyone by their:
  • first or last name
  • donor#
  • envelope #
  • telephone #
  • street (a number + street name)
  • email address
  • postal code (p=code) or zipcode (z=zipcode)
  • mailbox# (M# + number)
  • tax receipt# (R + number)
All matching names are shown in a list.
Apr 16/2018
Donarius runs on a Mac using PlayOnMac as well as Wineskin. In fact, it is more reliable and a bit faster too. Watch this video to see how to install it.
Apr 7/2018
Online donations received through Givelify can be easily imported into Donarius.
Mar 17/2018
Adding a spouse or child to a family has been simplified.
Can now do a report or mailing for people who have not donated for a while.
e.g. those who donated last year/month but not this year/month.

Online donations received through Moonclerk can be easily imported into Donarius.
Dec 18/2017
For churches and charities in Canada, the CRA website which must appear on all tax receipts has been updated.
Charities must update their tax receipts by March 31, 2019.
If in the future the CRA again changes the website, you can change it yourself without upgrading.
Sept 28/2017
When doing Yahrtzeit letters they use the date on the Hebrew calendar. (This applies only to the version of Donarius for synagogues. i.e. Shluchim Synagogue Management Software)
Aug 4/2017
Dates entered or on reports can be in Gregorian or Hebrew format. The Hebrew format can be in English transliterated or with Hebrew characters. (This applies only to the version of Donarius for synagogues. i.e. Shluchim Synagogue Management Software)
Apr 19/2017
Donors, donations and bank deposits can be exported to QuickBooks. (This only works with the desktop version of QuickBooks. The online version is not able to import *.IIF files.)
Oct 25/2016
PDFs can be created on a Mac using PDFWriter or RWTS PDFWriter.
Sept 26/2016
You can share Donarius data between two Macs or a Mac and a Windows PC.
July 29/2016
If your church/organization has more than one bank account, you can indicate which category gets deposited into which account. When you do a bank deposit, you will get one page for each bank account.

You may have both a US dollar and a Canadian dollar bank account. So you are depositing donations in Canadian dollars to one account and those in US dollars to the other. You can now setup each bank account and Donarius will automatically do a bank deposit report for each one.
July 14/2016
Sometimes a husband/wife want to combine their receipts and statements into one and sometimes they want them separately. You can now select what each couple prefers.
July 6/2016
When printing offering envelopes, they can be customized for each person by showing the top three categories that each person used. This provides a personalized envelope for each person.
June 29/2016
Added audit history of who printed/emailed tax receipts and when.

The year can be included at the start of the receipt number, as either a 4 digit or 2 digit number. eg: a receipt# for 2016 might be 2016-05001 or 16-05001.
June 6/2016
It is easier to restore from a backup, because all drives/folders that have a backup are listed.
May 16/2016
When a donor list or directory is displayed you can click on a donor's name to edit the donor info.
On some reports you can click on a date or donor's name to edit the donation shown on the report.
Apr 26/2016
You can print your own church offering envelopes using blank envelopes. A good size to use is #6 (3 5/8" x 6 1/2"). This costs less than getting them pre-printed from a church envelope company. When new people start using envelopes, you can print the envelopes just for the remainder of the year. (Note: this requires the purchase of the Letters/Emails module.)
Jan 8/2016
Data can be shared between a Mac and a PC (OS X and Windows). The Mac must be running Donarius using Wineskin or PlayOnMac.
Dec 16/2015
Data can be shared between different computers using Sync or Good Sync. Either of these is recommended for Canadian charitable organizations who do not want their data stored on servers in the USA. The CRA requires Canadian charities to store their data in Canada.
Nov 3/2015
Records the date when any donor info was updated and who did so.
Oct 26/2015
You can add up to 10 custom one-time events for each donor. For example, Baptism or Became Member.
Oct 9/2015
Data can be shared between different computers using Google Drive.
Sept 15/2015
Donarius runs on a Mac using Wineskin.
May 27/2015
Letters can have a watermark. (A light image behind the text, covering the entire page.)
Apr 17/2015
Can record money order # as well as check #.
Feb 4/2015
On donor list you can have last names that start with a different letter, on a separate page.
Jan 9/2015
When entering donations, donors can be found by telephone #.
Nov 21/2014
Data can be shared between different computers using OneDrive, TeamDrive, SpiderOak or Dropbox. OneDrive comes included in Windows 8.1. An advantage of TeamDrive is that all your files are encrypted on their servers. So your data is never at risk of being compromised.
Oct 17/2014
Data can be shared between different computers using SpiderOak. (Or you can continue using Dropbox.) The advantage of SpiderOak is that all your files are encrypted on their servers. Therefore, your data is never at risk of being compromised even if someone gets access to their files. (Note that the files on your computer are not encrypted.)
Apr 17/2014
Two different sizes of custom label sheets can be setup. A label can have an image or logo on it.
Jan 18/2014
You can now control the various users of Donarius. For each user select what information they are allowed to access and what functions they are permitted to do. Each user must supply a password to log in. (Can also be used by a single user without entering a password.)
Dec 16/2013
Emails can be sent from Donarius using your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL email address and using their SMTP server.
Aug 7/2013
Contribution files received from WeShare (eg: A.C.H or P.A.D.) can be imported in a few steps. For this to work you must purchase the Pre-authorized Deposits module.
June 13/2013
Contribution files received from a company or bank that processes recurring transactions (A.C.H or P.A.D.) can be imported in a few steps. For example , Vanco files can be processed. For this to work you must purchase the Pre-authorized Deposits module.

Store individual and family photos of each person. This makes it easy to print a color photo directory. (Sometimes also called a picture directory or pictorial directory.) You must purchase the Photo Directory module to do this.
May 31/2013
Donor list has the option to show name & address on one line.
May 9/2013
Church directories can be printed on printers that can print double-sided (i.e. duplex). This way your directories can be printed faster.
Sept 7/2012
When adding new donors, some fields are automatically filled in to match what is common about the last 10 donors. It will fill in the city, state/province, zip/postal code and donor type.

You can have multiple users at different locations accessing Donarius over the Internet using a data sharing service such as DropBox.
July 20/2012
Quarterly statements can now be sent by email as PDF files. This will save you money on paper, envelopes and ink/toner (and postage if you are mailing them). You need the Letters/emails/text messages module to send emails.

Some organizations use Motivation Codes to track which mailings donors respond to. You can now enter them for each donation.
July 2/2012
Speed up entering donations using a check reader. You read the check, the donor is found and you just enter the amount. The check # is also automatically entered. (The donor is found by searching for the matching bank transit # and account # which are stored in an encrypted format.)
June 14/2012
Donation entry operates in one of two ways:
  • with an unalterable audit trail (entries cannot be changed once entered, but you can add new donations to adjust the entry)
  • entries can be edited (this makes it easier to correct any errors)
May 26/2012
  • The Note box on the donation entry window, has been increased to 100 characters.
  • When exporting donations, you can export the donor's name and address at the same time.
  • While entering/editing donations, each donation is saved as you are entering it. This way if anything goes wrong with your computer (ie. power failure) you won't have to re-enter the donations.
Jan 28/2012
You can now send your tax receipts by email as a PDF file. The file will be encrypted and locked so it cannot be altered as required by the CRA in Canada and the IRS in the USA. This will save you money on paper, envelopes and ink/toner (and postage if you are mailing them). You need the Letters/emails/text messages module to send emails.
Dec 30/2011
The version for synagogues will do Yahrtzeit letters.
Dec 13/2011
When sending emails can set the port number for SMTP servers that don't use the standard port. For example, sending emails using your AOL Mail account requires the use of port number 587.
Dec 3/2011
Pre-authorized credit card payments can be automatically entered in the same manner as pre-authorized bank withdrawals.
Oct 19/2011
When the Tax Receipt Summary has "Gifts with Advantage": it will show the advantage of each and the total advantage of all receipts.
Sept 21/2011
A version of Donarius customized for synagogues is available called Shluchim Synagogue Management Software.
Sept 14/2011
When doing a batch of tax receipts, each one can be automatically converted to a PDF with the receipt # as part of the PDF file name.
July 30/2011
When entering donations for donors who want a receipt with each donation, you will be shown the receipt# that will be used on the tax receipt. When editing such donations you will be shown the receipt# that was printed on their tax receipt.
June 11/2011
A library of common items for custom receipts, letters and emails has been added. Instead of typing your organization's name, address and logo in each letter just put a heading in the library. It is also easier to do letters or custom tax receipts for an organization that supports various missionaries. The software will automatically select a message, from the library, for the missionary that was donated to.
May 30/2011
A wizard has been added to make it easier to setup and customize the software, so it works the way you want. (for new users and those trying out the demo version)
Apr 27/2011
Quarterly statements can be shortened by showing only sub-category totals and regular categories.
Mar 12/2011
Automatically selects Portrait or Landscape depending on which is better for a report.

When you are printing a report that has one donor per page, it can be printed in duplex (double-sided). The first page for each donor will be on one side, the second on the back and so on. When a donor has an odd number of pages the back of the last page will be blank. This applies to the following reports:
  • Donations by Donor with One Donor per Page
  • Tax Receipts
  • Letters
Mar 7/2011
If your organization has several different locations or ministries they can each use their own copy of Donarius. You can then combine all the data from all the locations/ministries into one database. This will make it easy for you to issue a single tax receipt for each person regardless of where they donated.
Feb 11/2011
The size of all windows can be increased by changing the window scaling factor in the Preferences window.
Jan 24/2011
A Gift with Advantage that does not result in a valid tax receipt can still be recorded to keep track of money received. (In Canada if the advantage is > 80% of the gift, the receipt is not valid. In other countries if the advantage equals the gift, the receipt is not valid.)
Nov 19/2010
Can import payment method with check number.
Nov 12/2010
Settings for reports can be memorized. Then you can select that report and the settings are already chosen for you.
Sept 10/2010
Can limit which categories a teller can choose when entering donations to those you selected or only those that are sub-categories of a main category.
Aug 19/2010
Categories on the donation entry window can be sorted alphabetically, to make it easier to find a particular category.
Aug 13/2010
You can send emails with characters in non-Latin languages. For example, Chinese and Korean.
June 4/2010
You can have a different bank deposit for each service or event.
May 21/2010
For doing a one-time letter to a donor, you can copy their name/address from Donarius to your word processor in one step.

If you receive donations through any organization which issues their own tax receipts for those donations, you can record those in Donarius and the amounts will be considered non-receiptable since the donor already received a tax receipt for it. (For example: Canada Helps) You do this by creating a non-receiptable payment method.
Apr 30/2010
A calendar has been added to make it easier to enter dates.

Dates can be entered with numbers in the format dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy as well as by giving the month name.
Apr 19/2010
A donor can be found by their church mailbox # or email address.
Mar 6/2010
Some donors may not want any tax receipts. You can now easily omit them.

Donations received to fulfill a weekly or monthly pledge can automatically be filled in each week or month.
Jan 22/2010
Can be setup for someone to view/edit only donor information not any donations. For example, this could be used by the church secretary.

A category can be setup to be hidden from donors. (ie. such categories do not show up on quarterly statements, tax receipts or mailings) This is useful to keep track of credit card or PayPal fees.
Dec 5/2009
Custom tax receipts can have a chart showing the total donated each week for a whole year. This chart shows the donations in four columns so it takes up less space (15 lines for column heading and 53 weeks of donations).
Nov 19/2009
The text and boxes on the donation entry window can be made bigger.

If a husband and wife are entered as separate donors, their donations can be combined onto one tax receipt. (Requires "Relationships/Families" module.)

Church directories and donors lists have the option of showing each person's birthday and/or couple's anniversary. (Requires "Relationships/Families" module.)
Oct 26/2009
Donarius can be setup to have a different default printer from the Windows default printer.

Some first names are in two parts (eg: Mary Jo, Anna Maria, Po Pui) so Donarius will automatically address letters using both parts.
Sept 21/2009
Customized letters & emails can have a quarterly statement that shows donations in the final quarter of the period grouped by month instead of by quarter.
Sep 10/2009
On a customized letter can show something like the following:
  In 2008 you gave an average of $x/week.
  In 2009 you gave an average of $y/week.

  For 2010 we suggest $z/week.
    (10% more than 2009)

Check# can be up to 10 digits long.

Each donor can have a Mailbox # and letters/labels can be sorted by it.
July 16/2009
You can enter characters in non-Latin languages. For example, Chinese and Korean. You can enter them in any text field. You can also put them on your personalized letters and tax receipts.

A graphic file for your logo or signature can be a JPEG file as well as a bitmap file.

When a company prints your tax receipts, you can show their address on the tax receipt.

The note on a donation is available to be shown on personalized letters and custom tax receipts. This can be used when receiving a donation in memory of someone else. You put the person's name in the Note box then on the tax receipt it will show:
    ... in memory of [person's name]
May 29/2009
You can put a POSTNET barcode on labels and/or envelopes and so pay less for your postage.
May 8/2009
For tellers you can allow them to view, edit or add donors or a combination of these privileges.
Apr 21/2009
Can send personalized text messages to cell phones.
Mar 27/2009
Churches can record which service or event a person donated at.
Ministries and charities can record which mailing or event a person is responding to.
(ie. source codes)
Mar 6/2009
You can issue a receipt (with a receipt #) even for non-receiptable amounts. (Eg: received from another charity or for non-receiptable amounts).

When entering donations, can use a key on the numeric keypad to indicate the payment method. This way you don't have to move your hand away from the numeric keypad to use the mouse.

A donor can by found by typing the first three letters of the last name, followed by 1 or 2 letters of the first name. This makes it easier when you have many people with a similar surname.
Feb 20/2009
You can keep track of when and how a donor became a member. You can also record when and why a donor ceased to be a member. (For example, moved away) Those people will then not show up when you are entering donations.
Jan 20/2009
You can save paper with a "One donor per page" report by having several donors on each page (if they will fit).

"Gifts in Kind" in the U.S.A. have the option of letting the donor estimate the value. The tax receipt has a blank line for the donor to write the value.
Dec 16/2008
Donations by Donor can be:
  • sorted by age and grouped into age ranges.
  • grouped by gender when you have a donor characteristic for gender
Reports can default to start on Jan 1st or start of fiscal year.
Oct 30/2008
The donor list can be sorted by when the donor was added to the database.

Mailings and the "Donations by Donor" report can choose only those donors who gave a certain amount. The amount can be the total given during a time period, a single donation or an amount pledged per year.

Membership expiry date will be automatically updated when membership fee is received.
Oct 3/2008
Report headers/footers can have the current time.

Custom receipts, letters and emails can have a list of how much was given to each category, in the date range selected.
Sept 18/2008
Mailings can be done for those donors who have a certain relationship with other donors starting in a given date range.
Sept 9/2008
Mailings can be done for those donors who have a birthday in a given date range.
Jun 25/2008
Added a report of donors with a birthday in a given range. For example, to show all donors with a birthday in March you would enter a range of Mar 1 to Mar 31.
When entering a birthday the year can be given or omitted. For example if a donor was born on Mar 25, 1975 you can enter it as Mar 25 or Mar 25, 1975.
June 13/2008
Added a new module to help you keep track of various relationships between donors, such as:
  1. Family relationships (parent/child, husband/wife)
  2. Someone is sponsoring someone else.
  3. One person is praying for someone.
  4. A person is in authority over another (eg: manager, elder, small group leader)
May 23/2008
Donors and donations can be imported from a report that lists each donor's donations.
May 16/2008
On the return portion of a custom tax receipt or letter you can include a code that combines a donor# with a donation category. This will speed up the entry of donations for a particular category when the donor sends another donation. When entering the donation,you just type this code in the Donor# box and the cursor will automatically move to the correct category so you can enter the amount. If this is printed in a barcode font, you just have to scan the barcode.
Apr 17/2008
Tellers can be allowed to add new donation categories.
Apr 4/2008
A characteristic for a donor can be automatically un-selected when certain events happen.

A characteristic can be selected or un-selected when a donor is exported or imported.
Mar 10/2008
For mailings, can choose donors who are outside of a given city/town, province/state or country.
Feb 29/2008
For mailings, can choose donors who were added to the database in a given date range.
Dec 10/2007
Tellers who are allowed to add/edit donors, will be able to view and print labels and letters for mailings. They can also send emails. Only letters/emails without donation amounts can be viewed.
Nov 1/2007
Pay only for the modules you want!
Donarius has been split into a base version and various optional modules, each of which can be purchased separately.
Oct 11/2007
Reports can be customized with any text at the top or bottom of the report.

Records a membership expiry date for charities.

A characteristic for a donor can be automatically selected when certain events happen. This can then be used to print a letter for that donor. These are the events that you can pick:
  • the donor is added
  • the donor starts using numbered envelopes
  • the member expiry date changes (used by charities only)
  • the donor starts using pre-authorized deposits (P.A.D.)
  • the donor makes their first donation
  • the donor type changes. (eg: the donor becomes a member)
On custom reports, the color of text can be changed.
Sept 27/2007
Reports can be customized by putting any of the following at the top or bottom of each page:
  • today's date
  • page #
  • church/organization's name
  • church/organization's address
  • a logo or image
Sept 10/2007
Reports can be scrolled using the wheel on your mouse.
Aug 24/2007
When exporting data, Donarius will remember your settings so you don't have to set them again next time you export data.

'Gift in Kind' tax receipts can be customized just like regular tax receipts.
July 26/2007
When entering donations, a donor can be found by looking through a list which shows each donor's name and address.

A new command was added to custom receipts and letters so you can put a box around a group of items.
July 17/2007
Categories can be added/edited while entering donations.

Labels, envelopes, letters and emails can be sorted by country and province/state.

A new report was added so you can get a list of how many donors are in each province/state.
June 25/2007
Customized reports can include a pledge reminder chart which shows how much they:
  • pledged per year, month, week, etc.
  • should have given from the start of the pledge
  • need to give to fulfill their pledge
  • pledged for the entire pledge period
  • need to give to fulfill the entire pledge
When entering donations paid with coins, can indicate the number of each coin size.
June 15/2007
Runs on Linux using CrossOver.

Reports and windows can use another word to indicate a pledge. For example: promise, committment or estimated giving.
Apr 20/2007
When doing mailings (labels, letters or emails) you have the option of including donors who are in a certain city or town.

Check numbers can be up to 9 digits long.
Mar 29/2007
"Gifts in Kind" have a value to be applied toward a pledge, but on tax receipts you can show a zero value.
Mar 7/2007
When doing a backup, you have a choice of backing up to a disk, CD, USB drive or any folder on your computer. You can also create folders that have the date of the backup as part of the name. When you restore data from a backup you can restore from any drive or folder.
Feb 5/2007
Improved checking for duplicate donors. Different versions of the first name will be considered to be the same. For example, Robert, Bob and Bobby will match and so will Janet, Janice and Jan. Added the option of checking for duplicates using only the same last name, street and postal/zip code.
Dec 19/2006
The donor type of a spouse can be recorded separately so that you will get the correct count of the number of donors.

Personalized letters can show how much a donor pledged with details such as how often they will give and to what category.

Added a donor statement that shows donations weekly, instead of quarterly.
Nov 28/2006
When doing reports, can omit or include "gifts in kind" because they are now considered a payment method.
Oct 3/2006
Pre-authorized deposits (P.A.D. or E.F.T.) can be done monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

On a church directory you can choose which phone numbers and/or email addresses to show.
Sept 8/2006
You can print receipts for up to 3 different donors on one page.
July 28/2006
You can now break a category into sub-categories. For example, your Missions category could have these sub-categories:
July 6/2006
The order of categories shown on reports can be changed.
June 9/2006
Donors can be searched for using a phone # or a postal/zip code.
Apr 21/2006
Pledges can be paid weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly (twice a month).
Mar 10/2006
While entering donations, you can move the cursor from the envelope # or donor # box to the category box by pressing the TAB or ENTER key. You can move the cursor from one category to the next by pressing the TAB or + key.

Tax receipts can be printed for only those people who gave a certain amount or more. (Eg: $250.00 or more)
Jan 4/2006
There are more options when you want to re-assign envelope numbers. Donors can be sorted by surname or envelope number before giving them a new number. You can also have different ranges of envelope numbers for different kinds of donors.
Dec 5/2005
You can now select those who donated and pledged or those who donated but did not pledge. This can be done on these reports:
  • donations by donor
  • donations by date with one donor per page
  • labels/envelopes
  • letters
  • emails
When doing these reports you will see a list box with these choices:
  • donors who gave and pledged
  • donors who gave but did not pledge
  • donors who did not give but pledged
  • donors who neither gave nor pledged
  • donors who fall short on their pledges
  • donors who fullfilled their pledges
You can choose any combination of the first four or one of the last two. If you don't have any pledges, your choices will be only:
  • donors who gave
  • donors who did not give
Oct 5/2005
You can print personalized letters without doing a mail-merge. You design how you want your letters to look, select who you want to send them to, then print them.

Similar to letters, you can send personalized emails.

Because of the personalized letters and emails, it means that for each person you must indicate how they prefer being contacted by email and mail. Go to the Add/edit donors window and you will see two boxes that say Prefer Email Contact at: and & Mail Contact by: (they are below the telephone #) Here are the email choices you have:
  • Any email
  • Home email
  • Work email
  • Other email
  • None
and the mail choices are:
  • Mail
  • FAX
  • None
Donors who are set to mail or FAX will get letters. Donors who are set to mail will get labels and envelopes. Donors who are set to a specific email or Any email (and have an email address) will get an email.
July 7/2005
When restoring data you have three options:
  1. replace all your data with data from the backup
  2. add new donors/donations from the backup to your current files
  3. view the data on the backup

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