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Donarius® Modules for a Church/Non-profit
The available modules for churches/non-profits are as follows:     (the modules for a business are here)
Pledge Tracking This module records each pledge that a donor makes. For example a three year pledge to be given quarterly. Pledged amounts can be given annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or twice a month. When you do your tax receipts you have the option of showing the amount pledged as well as the actual amount given. You can also do this on quarterly statements. A variety of pledge reports are available. You will be able to mail (or email) a reminder letter to donors who fall short on their pledges.
Track Pre-authorized Deposits (P.A.D. or A.C.H.) / Online Donations Pre-authorized deposits (P.A.D. or A.C.H.) are amounts that are withdrawn from a donor's bank account and deposited directly into your organization's bank account. This is done at various frequencies depending on what the donor wants. It could be once a month, twice a month, every two weeks (bi-weekly) or once a week. This module keeps track of these. You set up the the P.A.D. for the donors that wish to use it and Donarius will automatically enter their donations on the correct date.

Donarius also processes your online donations. It is integrated with PayPal, Vanco, WeShare, Moonclerk, Givelify, Bambora,, Txt2Give and others so that you can import in a few steps.
Track "Gifts in Kind" and Gifts with an Advantage "Gifts in Kind" are gifts of property rather than any form of money. (i.e. non-monetary donations) Receipts for income tax purposes for "gifts in kind", will include the following:
  • The fair market value of the property at the time the gift was made.
  • The date of the gift.
  • A description of the property.
  • The name and address of the appraiser (if any) of the property.
"Gift in Kind" tax receipts can have zero value and still count toward fulfilling a pledge.

Gifts in which the donor received something in return for their donation are "gifts with an advantage" or split receipts. For example, suppose a charity charges an annual $120 membership fee, gives a key chain to its members valued at $10 and offers discounts to its members worth $10, the total advantage received by the donor would be $20. Therefore, the tax receipt for the donation would only have $100.

This module keeps track of these types of gifts too.
Design and Print Customized Tax Receipts Donarius® has several built-in receipt styles to choose from. They have several options for how you want them to appear. For example, you can add items to the bottom part of a tax receipt, such as a year-to-date summary by quarter, or a detailed listing of every donation. You can also include a logo or a scanned signature. If these options are not enough for you then the Custom Receipt module lets you design your own receipts so that they can:
a) have items placed wherever you want
b) include several graphics files
c) have a personalized letter of any length
d) have different font styles and sizes
e) include any field from the donor
f) be personalized for different donor
    types, donor characteristics, payment
    methods, etc.

If you also get the "Gift in Kind" module then those receipts can be customized too.

We will setup one customized tax receipt, letter or email for you at no charge. Additional ones are $20.00 each.
Print Personalized Letters and Send Personalized Emails/Text Messages To keep your donors informed about your church/organization you should send them personalized letters, emails or text messages. This module lets you setup the letters, emails and text messages that you want to send out. When you are ready to send them out, you tell Donarius® which donors you want to send them to. There are a variety of criteria you can select. For example, you can select donors based on whether they did or did not give in a certain date range to certain donation categories. For each donor you also specify how they prefer to be contacted. (ie. by letter, email or text message) Only those donors who want a letter will get one and only those who prefer getting an email or text message will get one. You will be able to preview each before sending it out. Then you can print your letters or send out your emails/text messages.

To email your tax receipts as PDF files you need this module.

You can also print your own offering envelopes with this module.

We will setup one customized tax receipt, letter or email for you at no charge. Additional ones are $20.00 each.

You could also send personalized letters using the base version as follows:
  1. do a report showing the donors you want to send a letter to
  2. export the names and addresses of the donors in the report
  3. start your word processor
  4. do a mail merge with the data you exported
Relationships and Families This helps you keep track of various relationships between donors, such as:
  1. Family relationships (parent/child, husband/wife)
  2. Someone is sponsoring someone else.
  3. One person is praying for someone.
  4. A person is in authority over another (eg: manager, elder, small group leader)
You can also record anniversaries and do a mailing to any couple with an anniversary coming up.
Photo Directory Store individual and family photos of each person. This makes it easy to print a color photo directory. (Sometimes also called a picture directory or pictorial directory.) Without this module you can still print a directory without any images.
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In case, you are not sure about a certain module, you don't have to buy it now. Later, if you find out you need it, you can easily add it on. Just call or email us and we will enable that module for you and send you a bill.
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