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"We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON
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Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Requirements / Specifications of Donarius®
  • Runs under Windows 7 and up. Also runs on a Mac using PlayOnMac, Crossover or an emulator.
  • 50 megabytes of hard disk space for the software.
  • To send tax receipts or quarterly statements by email you need to install one of these PDF printer drivers:
    Then click: eDocPrinter PDF Pro
    32/64 bit Windows (EXE)
            $29 US

      Win2PDF     (Go here then click Download now! beside Win2PDF 10)

            $46 - $91 US

      Bullzip PDF Printer     (Download it here)

            Free and 3 paid versions ($29, $69, $139 US)

            Free This works only on a Mac (OS X). An updated version, called RWTS PDFWriter is also available.

    The first three PDF drivers encrypt PDFs and lock them so they cannot be updated. (PDFWriter does not)
    For more info about how to install these and how they work, download a demo then click on How to use Donarius.
  • To share data between several computers over the Internet you need to create an account with one of the following:
      Google Drive
      Good Sync
      Spider Oak
      Team Drive

    Charities in Canada are required by the CRA to store their data in Canada (i.e. not on US servers) So in Canada you should use either Sync or Good Sync. Sync has servers in Toronto and Good Sync does not store data on any server but sends data directly from one computer to another.
  • To backup to a CD-R or CD-RW you need software that makes your CD drive look like a hard drive. If you have only the software that came with your computer you may not have the required software.

    Some such products are the following:
    • InCD by Nero
        (works only with CD-RWs not CR-Rs)
    • DLA by Sonic
    • DirectCD by Adaptec
    • "Drag-to-Disc" which is part of the new "Easy CD & DVD Creator 6" from Roxio

    Find out which software you are currently using to burn your CDs and check if you have the corresponding other software that makes your CD look like a hard drive. (Also known a UDF software)

    You can also backup to a memory stick (USB drive).
  • Maximum number of various items:
    • Donation categories: 200
    • Number of donor types + number of donor characteristics: 62
    • Donors: 1,000,000
        (our biggest customer
          currently has 85,000)
    • Donations: 16,000,000
    • Customized Payment Methods: 10
    • Check Number: 10 digits
    • Donors with an envelope number: 99,998
    • Customized tax receipts: 10
    • Personalized letters: 62
    • Personalized emails: 62
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