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"We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON
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Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Here are some testimonials from our customers:
  • "I have been using Donarius for our Monastery donations over the last few months and have found the program to be both comprehensive and well suited to our recording and receipting needs. Their support service has always been prompt and quickly resolved any problems. It should be noted that the only problems I had with Donarius were all due to my lack of computer skills and were not defects within the program.
    An excellent program which I highly recommend." - Lindsay J., Bodhinyanarama Monastery, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

  • Read about why Doug Gouley from Bayfair Baptist Church switched to Donarius in the August 2008 issue of Christian Computing Magazine.

  • Read Ron Winnacott's story as he explains how his church tracked their offerings before and now using Donarius.

  • "I am very thankful for the Donarius program that keeps track of church giving. I appreciate the new upgraded program. I am not a computer whiz at the best of times, so I truly do thank God for the simplicity of the program to use on a weekly basis." - Ruth R., Elliot Lake Baptist Church, Elliot Lake, ON

  • "We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON

  • "I have installed and set up four separate copies of Donarius for each of the mid-size parishes I now serve in one office under the same pastor, and in just a couple of weeks I already feel good about using the software. Up to this point each parish was doing something different, so finding a program to serve the needs of all four was important.

    At one of our parishes, I've been using for many years a simple database to track membership information and contributions. The software is very old and outdated, but it did the trick. This led to my search for another database that would serve all four parishes individually in order to keep track of membership information and groups specific to each individual church, as well as contribution records and reports, mailing labels, and the like. I was delighted to find Donarius as a stand-alone software solution that fills these needs, rather than something cloud- or web-based (much, MUCH more expensive to use). It took a little on-line digging, but I'm very glad I found Donarius! It was easy to import my existing membership and contribution files, and entering new information and contributions is a snap.

    Louie was so helpful in getting me started, and I think Donarius is just what I was looking for!
    Thank you!" - Denise U., Serving the Parishes of:
    St. Aloysius, Calmar, IA           St. Francis de Sales, Ossian, IA
    St. Wenceslaus, Spillville, IA     Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Festina, IA

  • "I am the treasurer of a local Gideon camp and was looking for a program to track contributions and print receipts. Donarius is perfect for my application." - Paul A., Gideons International, Slaughter, KY

  • "The 'Letters/Emails' module is great and gives a lot of flexibility. I had no trouble setting up the letters and getting the logo into them. So glad to get the letters out of Word. I don't like it or Excel. I've been missing my Lotus Suite. When I had to upgrade from Windows XP last year, I discovered Lotus had been discontinued and had to take Word and Excel. I find them both very cumbersome after using Lotus for years. Now I can use the Donarius labels for the new member envelopes too - much simpler than what I have to do to get a label out of Excel using Word." - Anne D., Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society, Cambridge, ON

  • "I had looked at several church giving programs, each having a plethora of things that could be done. I needed something simple and easy to use and Donarius fit the bill. You buy only what you need and at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it." - David R., First U.M.C., Auburn, NE

  • "The food bank and social agency of which I am Treasurer and a Board member has been using Donarius for 7 years. It has met our needs beautifully for donor records, donations, donor letters and tax receipting. Our donor base has grown steadily, and there are now 1,559 donors in our records. Donarius has processed our records smoothly and effectively, without glitches. I have recommended Donarius to other organizations." - Ted N., The Compass, Mississauga, ON

  • "I am a bookkeeper for two not-for-profit organizations and Donarius of Nuverb Systems Inc. is the only software I will use to keep track of the donations! Not only does the software keep track of all of our donation needs but the support from Nuverb is the fastest and helpful Iíve ever experienced. Thank you Nuverb!" - Lori C., The Gathering Place, Sarnia, ON

  • "Donarius is a very good program and is very affordable for smaller churches. It is easy to set up and navigate. As well the people at Nuverb are very helpful. Thank you for a great program." - Wilma G., Grunthal Abundant Life Fellowship, Grunthal, MB

  • "Approximately 7 years ago, I took over the weekly deposit function for my church, which included tracking donations for CRA tax receipt purposes. Up until that time, tracking of donations was done using an "off the shelf" spreadsheet program, which proved to be very cumbersome, particularly with issuance of the annual tax receipts. I was introduced to Donarius and found conversion from the spreadsheet to Donarius very easy. What I have found even easier is entry of the weekly donations and reconciliation to our accounting system. There is little maintenance required during the course of the year and provided one is diligent in keeping the Donarius data base current (i.e. addresses, etc), issuance of annual tax receipts or interim statements to donors is a very simple matter. Also, the software is well supported and any questions or unique needs are quickly addressed by Nuverb Systems, including periodic reminders for updated software. Any congregation requiring a "Donor" database would be well advised to consider Donarius produced by Nuverb Systems Inc." - Oscar Banziger, Joy Fellowship, Surrey, BC

  • "I have been using Donarius for about 4 months. It is the easiest program to use for church management. The support is superb. I love it and you can do your reports and any needs so much faster. I am so thankful to God for directing me to this program. I consider this a blessing for me and my church. The members are so impressed with their individual reports." - Gloria L., Eastern Star Baptist Church, York, AL

  • "We have been using the Donarius program for several years and have found it to be very user friendly and easy to use. As a database it is very easy to manage the various types of information required throughout the year." - Barb F., All Saints Anglican Church, Ottawa, ON

  • "Donarius is a wonderful and compact software. We have used it for years. It is well designed and easy to use. Priced fairly and highly recommended." - Ted R., Wrightsville Assembly of God, Elizabethtown, PA

  • "Even though we have a small church, it is good to know there is a product available that is not cost prohibitive and will allow us to expand as we grow. Many other software programs are designed with larger churches in mind and don't lend themselves easily to a smaller church that does not need the expanded modules/services until later. With Donarius, we pay for exactly what we need, and can add on at any time. I like the ala carte aspect of this software. Customer service is great! I have called them several times and I am always met with friendly, helpful personnel who don't mind going the extra mile to walk me thru any issue.
    I would highly recommend Donarius to any church - large or small. It will grow with you as you grow." - Barb H., Lifewalk Church, Surf City, NC

  • "Iíve been using the Donarius program since 2008 and I have found it to be reasonably priced and very user friendly. You certainly donít need to be a computer genius to use it. The ongoing updates continue to improve the program and make the work much easier and almost stress free. The user support is quick and so helpful. I recommend Donarius to any church whether large or small." - Gail S., Mission Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB

  • "It has been a sincere pleasure to work with the Nuverb Systems people for the last few years. Their software does everything I need and more, and is exceptionally well priced. My hat is off to them." - Bourk D., Christ Family Church, Loathe, KS

  • "Donarius was so easy to setup and learn. The reports are exactly what we need, and the options for receipt printing make the treasurerís job much easier." - Tami P., Upper Pine Gospel Chapel, Rose Prairie, BC

  • "I have been using the Donarius system for our church's financial recordings about 5 years now. Initially it took some time to enter our members information into the system, but since then there has been little effort needed to maintain the database, which is a big timesaver. I have received several compliments from members that the quarterly updates and annual tax reports are very professional; their contributions are tallied and reported in a way that is easy to read. I am pleased with this service as well as the continuous improvement they provide." - Stephanie S., Drayton Ave. Presbyterian Church, Ferndale, MI

  • "The upgrade is working flawlessly. This is the most powerful and easiest to use Church software I have ever had. It makes inputting data kinda of fun to do. Couldn't be happier." - Fred G., Trinity Lutheran Church, Wayland ,MI

  • "I have been a very happy user of the Donarius software program for three years. Prior to purchasing the software, I utilized Microsoft Excel to keep track of donations. This software has dramatically cut the time spent to record donations from one hour per week to five minutes. At year end when I have to generate tax receipts, I went from one week to thirty minutes. With the latest version of the software that I purchased two months ago, most of my tax receipts will now be emailed and I will be done in minutes! I have also had technical issues in the past due to my computer crashing and Nuverb was excellent in quickly responding to my email and assisting me with restoring the software. I would highly recommend this software for your church!" - Henry, S., Northlife Community Church, Wilmington, DE

  • "I purchased our first Donarius offering/receipting program in 2003 for a small church in BC. This was a great success and is still used today. After moving to another small community in BC where receipting was handled manually, I suggested Donarius, again, and pointed out how well it works right through to printing tax receipts. We have now used Donarius in this church for three years and are very happy with this system. Thanks Nuverb!" - Eugene, B., Boundary Community Church, Midway, BC

  • "I love Donarius because itís so simple to use and yet does so much. I really appreciate the personal service with Nuverb and how quickly they get back to me whenever Iíve had any questions. Our church has been using it for years and will continue to do so. You canít get a better software for the price either. Great on our church budget!" - Janet, K., Place of Grace, Winnipeg, MB

  • "The software is easy to use with excellent technical support. Nuverb is very helpful to customize the program to our specific needs in a timely manner." - Selina, L., Toronto Chinese Community Church, Markham, ON

  • "I love Donarius Software!
    1) it is easy to understand
    2) the support for any questions that come up is unparalleled (I usually get an answer the same day) and
    3) it can be altered to fit my needs for free the whole first year!" - Kim O., King of Glory Christian Church, Swannanoa, NC

  • "Donarius is definitely a wonderful software and is a great way to keep the church organized. It's been two months and we are fully familiar with the program and when we had any questions, help was just a phone call away." - Josie R., International Assembly of God, Toronto, ON

  • "From their tutorials, the downloads, the setup and weekly usage - Donarius has performed professionally, flawlessly and expediently for us at our small congregation. This has been a great product for us. We only wish we would have done this sooner. It made our church accounting much easier and faster. Thank you Nuverb Systems, Inc." - Glenn L., Windsor Baptist Church, Windsor, CO

  • "We are a small congregation with average Sunday attendance of about 80 (including children). We needed a simple to use donation tracking system that would generate a donation acknowledgment letter at the end of the year. As a practicing public accountant, I am very pleased with the "Donarius" software. I can utilize other volunteers from the congregation to record all of the weekly contributions, even though they are not trained accountants or familiar with accounting software. This is a great solution and also a great savings over other products on the market." - Matt L., Delta, CO

  • "I am a bookkeeper for a midsize church in Oklahoma. One of my primary duties is to receive donations, track the giving of the church membership and send reports to donors quarterly and at the end of the year. I have been using the Donarius program for over a year now and cannot say enough positive things about it. The cost was very reasonable which is important to a church of this size. But even more importantly my work has been made immensely easier, quicker and better since I began using Donarius. I received all the information and help needed to make the change over to the new program. And now I receive immediate and helpful assistance whenever I have a question. If a program were to be given a grade I would give Donarius an A+." - Ann L., Woodward, OK

  • "I researched for hours for an online cloud product and several software. I spent hours fiddling with Donorwise, "DONATION", and Donarius. In the end I chose Donarius." - Will K., Davis, CA

  • "We are very pleased to use Donarius every week to keep our donations and receipting process organized. The data entry is smooth with minimal key strokes; the reports are clear and concise. When we need help, Nuverb tech support is always patient and thoroughly helpful. We would recommend Donarius to small and medium-sized charities, churches and not-for-profits. - Sandy G., Kitchener, ON

  • "I am quite amazed, I have been unable to find anything your system can't handle and using Dropbox to share data is amazing." - Ron W., Thornhill, ON

  • "I found your software on the Internet and downloaded a copy. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to use it - it just seemed too easy! I figured there must be details missing that wouldn't make it work for our needs.
    Well I was wrong!
    We have been using it now for 1 month and have had great success. Even the few requests I've made have been met with much support and assistance. I really appreciate it." - Cynthia C., Oakland, CA

  • "Thanks so much for your help with the conversion of my Membership Plus data. This has been a real life saver for me since the program suddenly died and could not be revived. I have purchased the Donarius software and look forward to using it in the service of our ministry." - Robert, El Paso, TX

  • "Thank You, for your help getting and getting setup on your software. It is very easy to use and does a great job. The price is great. You offered to help with importing our files, but it was so easy we did not need any help." - Gary, Shreveport, LA

  • "Again, I am amazed at how slick this program is. What a time saver it was at the end of the year! Thank you!" - Marg, Dunnville, ON

  • "Donarius is simple to use and meets a very specific need. I appreciate being able to purchase a program that does not require me to purchase a lot of software modules or applications which I don't need in order to get one specific application which I need." - Donny, Nashville, AR

  • "As usual, your response time is fantastic and your suggested solutions easily and effectively implemented. It was a happy day indeed when we chose to install your package." - Bern, Kitchener, ON

  • "Donarius provides exactly what we need at a reasonable cost." - Ron, Edinburg, TX

  • "Donarius is very suitable for Envelope Secretary use. It is not difficult to understand and use." - Charles, Wasaga Beach, ON

  • "I am delighted with your demo and pleased with the simplicity of the system. Please mail me an activation code - cheque enclosed" - Helen, Kitchener, ON

  • "We are so very happy to have found you and connected with you. I shall tell our best friends who pastor churches about this sweet little program." - John, Waelder, TX

  • "I have been looking for a program like this for a long time" - Maurice, Toronto, ON

  • "We're impressed with Donarius -- its real beauty is its simplicity" - Ken, Derby, KS

  • "I want you to know that the program is working very well. I cannot believe how easy it is, not only to enter the information but to spot discrepancies between the treasurer's report and mine and to find the errors. It is really very good! Thank you." - Mrs. Bell, Ottawa, ON

  • "The program has been a real help and time saver in keeping track of donations and doing financial reports and at tax time for receipts. Keep up the great work!!!" - Peter, Burlington, MA

  • "You guys are incredible!! Your support is WORLD CLASS. Thanks for being so timely." - Falcon, Virginia Beach, VA

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