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"We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON
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Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Here are some software changes we have done for customers to tailor Donarius® to their needs:
  • "I need three copies of each receipt on one page" - Marty, Montreal, QC

  • "When viewing a report: I don't want to see columns that total to zero" - Ken Fehr, Outlook, SK

  • "I want to record how each donation was made (e.g. by cash, check or credit card). I also want to check for duplicate donor names" - Shahran, Villa Park, IL

  • "I need to record donor characteristics as well as donor types" - Sister Hildegard, Virginia Dale, CO

  • "I need a yearly summary even for donors who receive one receipt per donation" - Bonnie Randel, Edinburg, TX

  • "I don't want to enter a password each time I use Donarius" - Chris, Supply, NC

  • "I need to be able to record pledges" - Debra, New York, NY

  • "I need an itemized list of all donations of $250 or more" - William Cain, Oklahoma City, OK

  • "I have many donation categories and would like them listed in rows so that they all fit onto one page." - Linda Kaufman, Paris, ON

  • "I want my tellers to be able to enter new donors" - Scott, Fenton, MI

  • "I would like to print a total of checks, bills and coins to include with my bank deposit" - Ken, Derby, KS

  • "I want to sort my mailings by zip code and have a count of how many items are going to each unique zip code" - John, Waelder, TX

  • "We have groups of tellers and each group counts a range of envelope numbers, so they need to print a total only for a range of envelopes" - John, Toronto, ON

  • "I don't want to sign all my tax receipts - I want to be able to scan in my signature and have it printed on the receipts." - Steve, Montreal, QC

  • "Some foreign donors donate in Canadian dollars and some use US dollars. I need to record the currency that they use and have the currency shown on their tax receipts" - Catherine, Toronto, ON

  • "When I re-assign envelope numbers, I want to split them into two different ranges" - Joanne, Wyoming, MI
  • "I would like to print tax receipts for 3 different people on one page" - Bonnie, Norcross, GA

  • "I would like to do a backup to any folder. I also want to have it automatically create a folder with the date as part of the name" - Clayton, New Brighton, MN

  • "I would like to record the 12 digit numbers that are used for online checks." - Kerri, Marietta, GA

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