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"I had looked at several church giving programs, each having a plethora of things that could be done. I needed something simple and easy to use and Donarius fit the bill. You buy only what you need and at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it." - David R., First U.M.C., Auburn, NE
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Donarius® Church Management Software
(Also known as Donation Tracking Software or
Donor Management Software)
Here are some free software changes we have done for customers to tailor Donarius® to their needs:
  • "I need three copies of each receipt on one page" - Marty, Montreal, QC

  • "When viewing a report: I don't want to see columns that total to zero" - Ken Fehr, Outlook, SK

  • "I want to record how each donation was made (e.g. by cash, check or credit card). I also want to check for duplicate donor names" - Shahran, Villa Park, IL

  • "I need to record donor characteristics as well as donor types" - Sister Hildegard, Virginia Dale, CO

  • "I need a yearly summary even for donors who receive one receipt per donation" - Bonnie Randel, Edinburg, TX

  • "I don't want to enter a password each time I use Donarius" - Chris, Supply, NC

  • "I need to be able to record pledges" - Debra, New York, NY

  • "I need an itemized list of all donations of $250 or more" - William Cain, Oklahoma City, OK

  • "I have many donation categories and would like them listed in rows so that they all fit onto one page." - Linda Kaufman, Paris, ON

  • "I want my tellers to be able to enter new donors" - Scott, Fenton, MI

  • "I would like to print a total of checks, bills and coins to include with my bank deposit" - Ken, Derby, KS

  • "I want to sort my mailings by zip code and have a count of how many items are going to each unique zip code" - John, Waelder, TX

  • "We have groups of tellers and each group counts a range of envelope numbers, so they need to print a total only for a range of envelopes" - John, Toronto, ON

  • "I don't want to sign all my tax receipts - I want to be able to scan in my signature and have it printed on the receipts." - Steve, Montreal, QC

  • "Some foreign donors donate in Canadian dollars and some use US dollars. I need to record the currency that they use and have the currency shown on their tax receipts" - Catherine, Toronto, ON

  • "When I re-assign envelope numbers, I want to split them into two different ranges" - Joanne, Wyoming, MI
  • "I would like to print tax receipts for 3 different people on one page" - Bonnie, Norcross, GA

  • "I would like to do a backup to any folder. I also want to have it automatically create a folder with the date as part of the name" - Clayton, New Brighton, MN

  • "I would like to record the 12 digit numbers that are used for online checks." - Kerri, Marietta, GA

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Donor Management Software
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