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Church Management Software

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Thank you to the many customers who have made comments and suggestions over the last 20 years.
You have helped us improve and refine Donarius® so that it is "Software Tailored for You!".

That's why over 2,500 churches and ministries have found it is the easy way to keep
track of their donors, donations and pledges, and print/email tax statements.
(Can also be used by businesses to track customers and sales, and print invoices.)

With Donarius® you can have it all:
>>> functionality
>>> easy to use
>>> personalized customer service
>>> low one-time cost

4 stars on Capterra
Import online donations  

Easily Import Online Donations

MICRSafe Check/Card Reader used by church management software  

Save Time and Avoid Headaches

  • speed up entry of your church donations using a check reader. You read the check, the person is found and you just type the amount.
  • Pre-authorized deposits (such as through ACH) are recorded automatically
  • print quarterly statements or email them as PDF files.
    (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • store individual and family pictures of each person
  • print a color photo directory
    (You need the Photo Directory module.)
  • re-assign church envelope numbers at year-end if needed and print labels for church envelope boxes
Church Management Software without a monthly fee

Access from anywhere

Donarius® will access your data from any computer
by sharing files over the Internet.
So you can access the data at both the church's computer
and at home. (Windows and/or Mac OS X)
Donarius® is not web-based church management software,
but you get the same functionality without any monthly fee.
View Donation Receipts

Print Donation Receipts

  • print year-end donation receipts for one or all members/visitors
  • print one receipt with each donation or for a date range
  • save paper, envelopes, ink/toner and postage by emailing tax receipts as a PDF
  • use standard letter size paper (8" x 11") or pre-printed forms
  • has several styles of tax receipts to choose from
  • design your own tax receipts or email us a sample in Word® and we'll set it up for you
    The first one is no charge and any changes after that have a small setup fee.

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Number of donors per range

Understand Your Church's Contributions

Display contributions and pledges in a variety of ways:
  • view contributions and/or pledges for a date range, grouped by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • view contributions and/or pledges for one member or the total for all members
  • compare contributions and/or pledges for all members
  • display a graph of the number of members per contribution range.
Setup Users

Keep Information Confidential

Donarius® church management software controls what actions each user is allowed to do. For example, you determine what tellers/counters are allowed to view/edit and which reports they can see. You can also prevent them from knowing anyone's envelope #.
Other users can have full access.

A password must be given when the software is started. Each user has a unique password.

This also means others can help you do some of the work, so you have more time.

The software can also be used by a single user without any password, by not setting up any users.

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Offering envelope

Print Offering Envelopes

  • Rather than ordering envelopes from a church envelope company, print them yourself saving some money.
  • If you purchase from a church envelope company, you need to buy extra envelopes in case new donors want to start using them. When you print your own this is not necessary - just print them as you need them.
  • Prints the date of each week in the year onto each envelope together with each person's envelope number. For people that start using envelopes partway through the year, just print the remaining weeks.
  • The envelope can be formatted anyway you like.
  • Two sample envelope formats are included. If you don't like either of these then send us a sample and we'll set it up for you.
    The first one is no charge and any changes after that have a small setup fee.
View Emails

Communicate to your Members

Send personalized letters, emails and text messages to selected groups based on:
  • which donation categories were donated to
  • the amount donated (the amount can be the total given during a time period, a single donation or an amount pledged per year)
  • when they donated
  • what service or event they donated at
  • type of donor
  • characteristics of donor
  • age

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Enter/edit pledges

Keep Track of your Pledges

  • run reports for the total amount pledged to see if you can meet
    your campaign goals
  • send quarterly statements with details about pledges
  • send reminder letters to those who are falling short on their pledge
  • send thank you letters to those who have fulfilled their pledge
Customer/Sales Management Software

Use Donarius for your business

The business version of Donarius® is called Donarius® Customer/Sales Management Software.
It will:
  • track sales
  • track customers
  • print invoices
  • email invoices as PDFs
  • and more...
  Donarius® can easily be configured to work in a variety
of situations, doing all these functions for you:



Here is how Donarius® will help your church:
  • enter each week's offerings
  • print or email quarterly statements
  • print or email yearly tax receipts
  • re-assign church envelope
    numbers at year-end
    if needed

          and more...


For your business:
  • track sales
  • track customers
  • print invoices
  • email invoices as PDFs
  • follow-up with your leads

  •       and more...


Tracking your donations:
  • transfer bank deposits
    to Manager accounting
  • transfer donations
    and bank deposits to QuickBooks
  • Pre-authorized deposits
    (such as through ACH)
    are recorded automatically
  • many reports
  • print or email all the donation receipts in a few steps

          and more...


Tracking your pledges:
  • Record each pledge
  • Pledges are shown on tax receipts or
    quarterly statements
  • Send letters/emails to those who fall short or have fullfilled pledges

          and more...


Donarius® makes it easy to print a church photo directory.
Each person can have a family and/or an individual picture.
You have two formats: half-page or full page

      and more...
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Donarius Church Management Software
Donarius Church Management Software
4.5 stars out of 5
based on 574 user ratings on Capterra

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  More Features of Donarius "I had looked at several church giving programs, each having a plethora of things that could be done. I needed something simple and easy to use and Donarius fit the bill. You buy only what you need and at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it." - David R., First U.M.C., Auburn, NE
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Donarius® is installed on your computer.
(not web based church management software,
but it can still be accessed from multiple
computers and without any monthly fee.)

Pricing starts at $63.97 US ($67.97 CAD) and
additional modules are $16.50 US ($18.00 CAD) each.

(25% off for small churches)
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Take advantage of our customization promise. We understand your church or ministry may face unique management issues that require changes to our current software design. That's why we're happy to modify your Donarius® software to fit your individual needs, at no extra charge. We make this extraordinary offer for two reasons. Firstly, we want our church management software to be the very best it can be. Your improvements may very well help other churches and ministries be even more effective. Secondly, as a Christian company, we are committed to "loving our neighbor" with excellent service and affordable prices on our donation software. Call us today to find out more, or download your free demo copy today to see how Donarius® can maximize efficiency, while saving you time and money!
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